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** Services September 2020 **

John's Island Church of Christ 

Zoom Worship and Bible Study Schedule

Worship/Sunday 10am

Bible Study/Wednesday 7pm

New Convert Bible Study/Monday 7pm


To Call into our Zoom Conference Call


Follow These 5 Steps


Phone In:

1. Dial 312-626-6799

2. Enter ID #: 9075449274#

3. Wait to be accepted

4. Mute call using *6

5. To unmute the call use *6 again.


If you have the Zoom App downloaded Follow These 7 Steps


1. Go to your App

2. Join Meeting

3. Enter ID #: 9075449274#

4. Click On: Join

5. Enter Password 456026

6. Click on: Join Meeting

7. Wait to be accepted

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​We are so blessed to have seasoned, spiritual, Godly men in place to shepherd this great congregation in the ways of the Lord.  Loving, knowledgeable, wise, and visionary leadership is vital to the growth and spiritual well-being of a healthy church.

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The saints of God on Johns Island, SC realize that the discovery and utilization of our God given talents are vital to the health of the body of Christ. We've developed and cultivated a host of vital ministries to support the work of the church as members find their place in the service of the Lord.



We believe children need a godly foundation with which to build learning skills to guide them throughout their adult lives. We strive to identify and develop the highest academic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual potential of each student in our center.



“The love, fellowship, and teaching have been a blessing to my family. The Johns Island Church of Christ is our home away from our heavenly home, until we soon see Jesus!”

~ The Clark family ~